Female Breakups

Women have all had a female breakup—a best friend who suddenly or slowly cuts out of your life. My sister noted that nobody talks about this, yet it has happened to many. Why?

Not talking about tough things from child-bearing to menopause to female breakups has been part of the narrative as far back as I can remember. It appears to be changing. More women share the emotional realism of being a Mom, raising a child, and what it does to your body and mind. I had it in my mind that after having a child, I would walk out of the hospital looking like I did pre-pregnancy. Not. But nobody told me that I would look pregnant for a while, bleed for weeks, and my mental state would take some time to repair.

As for menopause, do we get some hot flashes? There is so much more. Right?

But the female breakup? A breakup is you never know exactly why one person stopped talking to the other. It is painful and confusing. Life goes on, and new friends come into your life, but the impact is felt. I have had two female breakups where I was the person left hanging, unaware of why. There is usually a discussion around the breakup with a lover, but not with friends.

The photo above confirmed that we all have breakups, but there is something about the female friend breakup that is unique.

I don’t see this with men. Why? Being left in the dust by two women was painful, and perhaps I will always wonder why or maybe it is just part of life.