Food Stamps

Freelance is on the rise in every industry. Companies are getting out of the business of paying for full-time people. They do not want to pay for healthcare or any over costs of having full-time employees.

When I think about food stamps, I assume it is more prevalent in underserved communities. Wrong. Professors who are not tenured and artists whose work is in major museums such as MOMA are all on food stamps. Think about how much money has been raised to build a state-of-the-art building for educational coffers, but their adjunct professors are on food stamps. Artists who have works in top museum collections only get paid once for their work; although the secondary market is enormous, they never see a dime.

How did we get to a place where accomplished people at the top of their careers can’t afford to eat?? None of them have health insurance, and keep in mind that Obamacare costs $1000 a month. That is a significant number.

Something has to change. Why aren’t we spending more time focusing on these inequities in our country that are growing daily? There is a reason that workers are embracing unions.

We are in strange times, and the future is murky. Something has to give. What, I am not sure.