Is this what the NRA asked for?

Why are the Democrats so shocked about the daily shootings across the country? Not one person in our Government is willing to do what needs to be done to get guns off our streets and in the hands of angry young men. The Republicans wanted this, but the Dems took the cash too.

Shooting has become an epidemic. Is this what the NRA was hoping for? That we would have fear and mayhem on our streets and in our schools?

This has been slowly building for decades, just like anti-abortion has. 

Why? One reason is that the majority that controls the Senate, regardless of party affiliation, does not represent the majority of people by a long shot. It might have worked a hundred years ago, but it doesn’t anymore. Eighty percent of Americans live in cities. Think about that.

A future loaded with guns and fear where you can’t get an abortion is not a country I want to live in. Either is one feeding disinformation through social media.

 If we don’t have some massive change soon, we will begin to look like the Philippines, where an old regime returned through disinformation and the ignorance of the youth.

The shootings. My heart bleeds for all those families, and unfortunately, there is a new one every day.