I saw Happening at Sundance this past year. I have continued to think about this French film, particularly now with the unfortunate turn of events we have all learned of through the Supreme Court leaks’ desire to overturn the right to an abortion. The film is currently in the theaters.

Happening is based on a memoir of a young college woman desperately trying to terminate her unwanted pregnancy in France when the procedure was illegal. A young, talented student who is the first of her family to go to college has one evening when she gets pregnant.

We follow each week as she tries to find someone to help. In France, in the 1960s, similar to the insanely egregious laws they are passing in Louisiana, anyone that knows of or even involves themself in abortion, including the woman, could end up in jail. I highly recommend seeing this film.

The other film I just saw this past week is Our Father. An Indianapolis fertility doctor inseminated countless women with his sperm without them knowing. 23andMe shed light on grown children finding out they have countless siblings and their father is not their father.

The craziest thing is prosecuting someone for this is not easy. No precedent.

Both of these films are crimes against women. In 2022, it still feels like 1960. Why do white men have all the power? When will this end be? I can’t take it anymore.