People Who Follow When They Should Lead

In every industry, some people follow when they should lead. Unfortunately, many appear to be leading, but the truth is they are just following. I could give countless examples, but I will hold my tongue.

I am a fan of crypto and believe it will create change that we have yet to realize. As for Web 3.0, I am all in, once again hoping that technology will level the playing field. It didn’t happen in Web 1.0 or 2.0, but perhaps Web 3.0 will be the breakout changer. Blockchain technology allows us to own our information with peer-to-peer nodes. Not great for Facebook, but maybe better for all of us.

The government certainly won’t solve any of the inequality issues. As always, change must come from the public. In the past few years, the government has continued to disappoint. Currently, there is such a divide that it is impossible to move forward.

I have only one concern with Web 3.0: we will always need leaders. I looked at a deck in the music industry built on blockchain technology, and it made me wonder, is that the end of musicians like Taylor Swift or Beyonce?

I have never been in a situation where decisions are made without someone leading the pack. Regardless of the massive underlying changes happening around the globe leading us all in a new direction, we need more strong leaders who represent each industry. Followers should also do a little more diligence before trailing behind some of their leaders off a cliff.