Covid Cocaine

We are living in a financial hurricane. Everything is swirling round and round, and it is still unclear where the pieces land. The valuations are plummeting. Companies in all sectors are rethinking their strategies. At least I don’t see those valuations heading back to nonsense land too soon, and I hope they don’t.

I was on a board call, and someone said we have to ask ourselves, did this brand have the good fortune of Covid cocaine, and is the addiction over, or are we part of the next post-hurricane? Was their growth a fallacy called covid cocaine?

I love this description. It is an excellent description of a time when certain companies just soared. Home goods, food delivery, telehealth, e-commerce, and others. Some are still sprinting up the hill, others are cutting staff, and most are making a shift. Customer acquisition has undoubtedly shifted.

The reality is we are all trying to figure it out. Pet ownership soared, and the reality of that is setting in. The question is, what company will find itself in massive rehab, or will just have to call it quits?