Getting Old

I watched Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, this past weekend. It is a movie for women, older women. Emma Thompson is fantastic. Huge applause for her taking this role. This role represents a generation of women where many did not get pleasure, freedom, or equality. Many find themselves lost when their kids graduate college or lose a spouse.

I am more in touch with myself now, yet I miss certain things about my young self. Getting old is fascinating. Your body changes, your skin gets dry, and other parts get dry, and your brain’s hard drive synapses are moving at a different pace.

I don’t have the same ability to take in as much information. It might be the nightly martini and joint, but unclear. I am just not as on top of my street game. I used to read about every new spot and find myself there within a day or so. I used to pay attention to every new fashion label or site. I could, but I don’t want to. It takes too much time and energy.

I am happy to return to my favorite spots, sit at the bar and order the same thing. I do check out the new stuff but not as often. I experience things at a new level. On the one hand, it sometimes bums me out, and I think I need to get back in the game. Then on the stronger hand, it feels just right.

I am still working on new projects and involved in businesses with a different head. When I look down at my wrinkled hands, it feels strange. Those wrinkles have a lot of experience, history, and knowledge. I am embracing that. It is a whole new world!