How Free Should We Be?

Let’s begin with seat belts. How much money have we saved insurance companies for passing a law that we must wear a seatbelt? Enough that it was worth paying lobbyists to get this passed in our Government. Hate to be such a cynic, but what can I say? 

Law is passed, and it actually works. Less emotional heartbreak and cost to the overall public. Win-win. Is that freedom? Not exactly. Hence how free should we be?  Unclear if pure capitalism works. 

Let’s look at the makers of AK47s. It turns out they have had some serious EBITDA this past year. Is anyone surprised? What is wrong with this picture?

Why do we have to live with the fear of a mass shooting? There is obviously a better way. The concept of complete freedom is creating havoc within a part of our population that believes we should return to 1776. Have they read what life was like back then? Yikes. 

So call me what you may; capitalism only works at its best when some boundaries are set, so we don’t kill each other. That’s reality. How free should we be? Not as free as we are.

That this is what we need to ask ourselves is crazy in itself.