Having health insurance is expensive yet needed. The average cost for an individual is over $7k a year and $22k a year for a family. The cost has doubled in the past decade. Healthcare is complex, and the administrative costs are high, making insurance even more expensive. Almost 50% of adults are not appropriately insured properly.

Last year I got sick. I spent four days and nights in the hospital. Lots of drugs, plenty of care, and plenty of time seeing more doctors figuring out that it never happens again. This week I am having blood taken to look at my IGG levels.

A week ago, I was sent the bill that insurance did not cover. I had been waiting for it. I wanted to see how much the stay cost the insurance company and how much it cost me. What it cost me might not be what it cost someone else with a different insurance policy. It makes zero sense, but unfortunately, it is true.

My cost was a little over $6k. That is a significant number for many. It could set many back for months on end. I keep thinking about that cost. Insurance is needed, but it doesn’t cover what you need, particularly when it comes to mental health.

When we talk about the store we are opening, we want to give everyone healthcare. Multiple people have said to me, that is so generous. Generous? Shouldn’t everyone have access to health insurance?

What is the answer? Insurance companies are raking in the cash as premiums continue to rise. Why are they publicly traded companies? The margins are low, the administrative costs are ridiculous, and some random person on the other end of the phone sometimes decides what is fair when it comes to receiving healthcare that they pay for or paying you back.

There has to be a better way.