The Human Spirit

Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark is the first album I bought. She was warbling to poetry. Joni also broke the glass ceiling. Few women broke into the music industry at that time. Fast forward to now, women are rockers.

I am sure the industry has the same irritating issues as every other industry, but young talented musicians now have countless options to follow their path. Technology changed that with Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc. Joni was a first, and I love her for that.

Watching her perform at the Newport Folk Festival brought a smile to my face. Of course, the brilliant thing about technology is seeing the moment on several channels without having to be there. Obviously, being there is such a better experience on multiple levels, but how great we can all experience it differently.

Joni embodies the human spirit. She had an aneurysm and has spent years working on getting her motor skills back—extremely hard stuff. Then Joni appears and jams out on guitar, playing and singing Both Sides Now, on stage at 78 years old, a personal fave. We need more of this these days.

Incredible. Just incredible