Psilocybin Is Happening

Psilocybin is the only new area that I wanted to invest in, but I did not want to continue as an angel investor, so we became LPs in two funds that are investing in the psilocybin space. The use of psilocybin for treating mental health has supporting data. A recent study on psilocybin microdosing found that “seven central themes were observed in most individuals: 1) Mental Health; 2) Dose effects; 3) A feeling of connection to self, nature, or something ‘bigger’; 4) An increase in productivity; 5) An increased state of wellbeing; 6) Navigating problems more effectively; 7) Participants with a musical background experienced an increase in their levels of creativity.” If you have ever partaken in any of these drugs in college, none of this should be surprising to you.

One of the groups we invested in is the Beckley Waves. The guiding light is Lady Amanda Feilding, who has been espousing the benefits of these drugs since she began taking them some 70 years ago. She finally convinced her sons to get on board, taking it to another level. Beckley is incubating businesses that will help bring this industry forward; the first is the Beckley Academy.

The Beckley Academy teaches therapists how to use psilocybins, if needed, in their patient’s therapy. The issue is similar to what happened with technology in the mid-90s. Education saw technology coming, but many were not trained to integrate those tools into their classrooms. Organizations began to teach teachers best practice curriculums. We must continue to do this as technology is integrated into most schools, but there is still work.

As states start to look at the benefits of these drugs that can provide positive effects, they will no doubt only be able to be purchased with a doctor’s prescription, just like Ambien or Klonopin. The more doctors trained, the more best practices are shared, and before you know it, industry has been created that gets us out of the pharmaceutical world that we know today.

Beckley Academy is an incredible opportunity to do good while being part of a brand-new industry.