Cannabis Must Become Federally Legal Now

In 2020, a man driving a van filled with legal branded products in California, making a delivery for his company, was pulled over by Federal agents about twenty miles from the Arizona border. He was arrested, and his van was confiscated, including the products and money. The COO went to get him out of jail, but the products, van, and cash were never returned. Keep in mind he was driving in California, where this is all legal.

People who sit on publicly traded companies or work in institutions such as Government organizations or hospitals do not want anyone connected to cannabis. This includes spouses or partners working in the cannabis industry, even if it is legal in their state.

A cannabis farm that has a license to grow in the state of NY is being tortured by the Federal Government that they might be in trouble with their 501c6. I guess they have a 501c6 for the CSA, providing organic vegetables to the community for a price. Does it make sense that this is what the Federal Government is spending its time doing when cannabis is soon to be legal in most states, either recreationally or medically? Remember that most Americans, Democrats, and Republicans believe cannabis should be legalized.

Although the most significant sticking point for anyone in this tough, layered, crazy industry is that the Federal Government is taxing the products at 70%, and businesses can’t deduct the regular expenses. Because of this, banks can’t help businesses, although there are a few, you can’t use a credit card to buy cannabis, and research is being held back. That is one of the many but biggest reasons the grey market will continue to survive, and it doesn’t cost as much to the consumer. People are concerned about fentanyl in products, then start taxing the industry intelligently. Hence, if the cost of products is more competitive in legal dispensaries where the state regulates the products, the price becomes less expensive than in the grey market. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure this one out.

Here are some fun facts. A new poll shows that most Americans think that federally legal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, are more dangerous than marijuana. In Detroit, drug raids have fallen by 95% since cannabis was legalized. The amount of money that has been saved is enormous. The countless destruction of lives has not been uprooted either.

Stop the political nonsense. It is time to Federal legalize cannabis. It will eventually happen, so do us all a favor and make it happen sooner than later.