CBD with Calm, Better Days, Amy Chin, Podcast #177

Amy Chin is the founder of Calm Better Day, a cannabis and CBD consultancy company that educates and guides her clients toward their custom CBD regimens. Amy’s career has spanned different industries, from the retail world with experience in buying and merchandising to hospitality. Amy seeks to educate the consumer through her coaching work at CBD and the events she throws. As always, the dots connect, and in 2019, Amy decided to turn towards entrepreneurship and founded Calm Better Days. This podcast episode will highlight her unique entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned while navigating the emerging world of the cannabis industry.

You can visit their website here to learn more about Calm Better Day here.

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Our next guest on PGG will be Robin Steinberg, the founder of the Bailout Project, a nonprofit that prevents mass incarceration in the US and combats racial and economic disparities in the bail system by offering bail support and pre-trial services. Robin is returning to the show, as much has changed since the last time we spoke.