Is Fear More Comfortable than Knowledge?

History has shown us, as it repeats, that people look to leaders to create a culture of what they deem suitable for all to get in line, particularly regarding the war on drugs. There are so many players to blame, from Nixon to the media. Looking at old footage of the press interviewing anti-drug rhetoric players with hyped-up questions that could only expect negative responses, drugs are scary and evil. Then why are countless psilocybins growing naturally in our forests or backyards? If you believe in the lord, that is the question you should ask yourself.

If we look at the polls, the laws passed on legalizing cannabis have had overwhelming support. The revenue being generated is jaw-dropping. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that people love attitude adjustments in their daily life and have for thousands of years. Just look at the alcohol industry. Prohibition didn’t go so well.

What is the fear about psychedelic use that comes from primarily conservative people? Is it fear of the unknown? Allowing of letting loose? Is it fear of letting your mind open? Is it fear of not being in control? Is it fear of death?

Data has shown that these “journeys” can be beneficial, and game-changing in a positive way. No, these people do not fly off buildings as they wanted everyone to believe in the 1960s when the recreational uses of many of these drugs took off.

The problem is many of these pharmaceutical drugs numb your senses. It makes me wonder about the corruption of pharmaceutical companies issuing products you need to take your entire life to calm your anxiety. Is the war on drugs meant to help the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies because they won’t continue making as much money? 

Many of these experiences for people are one-shot journeys with the right therapists. Even when peyote is taken in the Indigenous culture, an elder is always there to help guide the process. God knows what will come out in decades about the connection between pharmaceutical companies and the Government. And yes, I am becoming more cynical daily.

It makes zero sense why the Government is legally holding these products back. It is fueling illegal street businesses that are not always selling good shit, and that’s scary. Fentanyl is killing people every day. Why is that good? Psilocybins can work with the right therapists to overcome your anxieties vs. having to take a daily pill with therapy. Think about that. Isn’t it time for Government to change the direction of what products can be used for better mental health? Force the pharmaceutical to change its biz model and let a new breed enter the space. That is true capitalism.

I appreciate government oversight, but this false narrative began in the Nixon administration to keep Black and brown people in jail.  It has destroyed countless families and lives. It is time, to be honest about these products. It will be game-changing. Can you imagine a teenager who is so angry, goes through a journey with the right therapist, and doesn’t pick up a gun to foist their anger on the world? Mental health issues are one of the leading problems in our country.

It is time to change the false narrative about these drugs. It is time to unwind from the damage the war on drugs has done to our country. Just go back into history and read the data; it is there in black and white. These natural psychedelics are positive, not harmful. These changes are starting to happen at the state level, and countless people are beginning to realize the benefits. It is time the federal Government joined the conversation, not the rhetoric, and hit the gas.