Another day and a half in Paris

We are trying to dine mainly in the 11th, where we hang our hats. We went to Passerini, about a five-minute walk from our apartment. It is “hunting” season in France, and the menu reflects that. The kitchen hums, and we so wish we had been seated at the table that could watch the chefs all night.

The food is Italian, creative, and delicious. This spicy linguini with tiny shrimp and clams is a lick-the-plate dish. Bread is key to sopping up every drop.

They also have an epic natural wine program like many Paris restaurants. We opt for by the glass so we can taste a variety of wines. Something about the natural wines does not cause me to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I will ever get back to sleep.

The following day we got up and went to the Picasso Museum. I have watched the Picasso museum go through three renovations over the decades. The staircase might be my favorite of all time.

My brother and sister-in-law loved this exhibit, so we followed their advice. This show is an ode to his daughter, Maya. They were extremely close until she decided to get married and have her own life. At that point, Picasso stopped talking to her. Sad, but damn the man was an artistic genius.

Afterward, we wandered through the Marais and stopped in a few galleries. This is a group of new pieces at Thaddeus Ropac; the show is called The New Beyond. These drawings are a homage to the European artist’s post WW2. All the pieces are incredible (you can see them on the link above), but I particularly loved this one. I am a huge Robert Longo fan.

I have always loved Xippas Gallery and purchased pieces over the years. The sculptures are fantastic. This artist, Phillippe Ramette, I did not know of is known in Paris, as this is his sixth solo show here. This one is called “eloge du depassement, repousser des limites,” which means the praise of overtaking, pushing boundaries.

The next stop was Perrotin which had three installations. These sculptures, by Genesis Belanger, are fantastic and made me smile. Worth taking a peek at the site.

Lunch was back in the 11th at Tawlet, a Lebanese spot with a true community feel. Every day is different spread at the buffet. You stand in line to choose your food picks. The owner treated us like VIPs, and it was a fantastic spot.

We went to the 17th for dinner because it was the closest to the basketball arena where we would see a game. We walked the street before going to dinner. I wish there were a street like this in the west village. You can stop at each designated store for what your needs are for dinner. Cheese shop, butcher, liquor, Italian, etc. This cheese stop was particularly epic.

We went to see Victor Wembanyama; the supposed NBA first-draft pick next year. The man is tall and agile. The arena is small, almost like a large high school or a super small college. The food is no different than hot dogs and coke in the states. The halftime show is not as sophisticated as the states, but they have one, and the kids were super cute.

The players are much smaller than the NBA, although good; it is hard to compete when you are small against someone who is 7 feet and full of muscle.

Fred grabbed this photo of me on the way out. An enjoyable night!