Bright Moments

We were in Mexico City to participate in the launch of Bright Moments. I was at the first one in Venice and the second one in New York City, but I missed out on London and Berlin. Tokyo is coming up this spring.

I like many things about Bright Moments, but the most are how they are creating an NFT art community around the globe. The one in Mexico City had educational events during the day, minting parties, and such at night.

Many people have come to each event collecting NFTs from the various artists that join the party as momentum has grown. Some of the work is super cool.

This particular venue is incredible. I couldn’t take enough photos. Extremely inspiring.

Multiple communities are being created in Web 3.0. Each has its mission, but each has an economic value from its currencies. Will the future exchange of various currencies be based on what the market bears and what the currencies are connected to?

As the next generation grows up, their disdain for Government is quite apparent, and I don’t blame them. They are pushing us to evolve as a flat world. What that will look like is up for grabs and Bright Moments is part of it. The Government should only provide a safe haven in the private sector for those currencies in places like Coinbase.

It was game-changing if you go back to the mid-90s when people started finding each other on the web through shared interests. It could be anything from a game to a favorite band. No currencies or communities were forging together to create something that was part of the economy, but we are evolving with technology.

Something is happening, and that still seems unclear, but it does feel very timely.