Marijuana and Gun Rights

These days I am taking in a fair amount of content around the cannabis world. I saw this headline the other day that Medical Marijuana Patients do not have Gun Rights. Not surprising there was a lawsuit. Nikki Fried, Florida’s 12th Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumers Services, brought the case to the Federal Government. The Federal Government dismissed it because a marijuana patient should not be able to bear arms.

I do not believe anyone should own a firearm, but that is another story. The point that is being made is that there are inconsistent and absurd laws when it comes to cannabis. It is ok for a drunk to own a firearm or someone mentally unstable but not a pot smoker. Makes zero sense.

The one consistent thing is the narrative that cannabis is terrible was concocted decades ago and is far from the truth. Racial injustices were the prevalent issue around cannabis, although unfounded. Everyone has been using weed for decades, regardless of whether it is legal. Those who ended up in jail were not white kids from wealthy suburbs but inner-city Black kids doing the same thing.

It is time to Federally legalize cannabis around actual data. We all know it will eventually happen, and most states have passed laws to sell recreational cannabis or medical cannabis. Can we please be granted the wish that we won’t have to live through another decade of stupidity before moving forward on this? Why torture all of us? Enough already; let’s be honest about our history and do a better job moving forward. I would rather see more time spent on getting rid of guns than dictating cannabis use; it makes zero sense.