Paris Photo Show and more

If we continue to eat and walk as we have the past two weeks, either we will explode, or our bodies will give out. It has been an incredible time, but like all good things, it is time to wrap up and get back to NYC.

We are now located down the block from Mokonuts, so we started the day there with breakfast. Like having breakfast with old friends! They let us know the Metro was on strike, that it is a holiday in France, I believe WW1 ended this day, and traffic will be a mess.

So, we biked it. Those electric bikes are a whole other level of transportation.

Today is the Paris Photo, one of my favorite art shows. This year I was not wowed. I felt like I was seeing many of the same things from years past although I always manage to find something. This year there was a lot of vintage photos. There was also lots of floral photos and old photos with new photos. There is definitely a feeing of what is new was old. This piece defined that in a small way so it is now ours.

We also acquired this photo by Catherine Wagner. This is part of a series where she took photos of Disneyland spots. This is Minnies kitchen. All of these spots are part of the culture we grew up in. The detail of each piece made for a 5 year old is incredible and so much fun!

Big day ahead of us as we made our way to, hands down, the best store in the world, Bon Marche. Although now on the other side of town from us, we went twice. I would love to know how their financials work with such huge array of vendors and inventory, although always packed!

Fred was on the lookout for a humidor for the new pad. Not shocking, the only store he could find was in the 6th. This store is epic.

We were going to go to a new spot outside of Paris, but Fred had no interest in doing this. I knew it for two weeks, but eventually, he called it out. Instead, we went to an oldie and a goodie, Le Dauphin, the perfect Parisian wine bar. There are around 20 small plates to be ordered that change seasonally….and there is always the artichoke.

Next day we had to chill but onward as always, we got up and ran some errands over at Marche d’Aligre down the street. Got some cheese, olives and fruit. Love a good farm stand and there is nothing better than a Parisian greenmarket!

Lunch was another spot in the neighborhood, Biyo Dürüm. Fast-casual Turkish food. The Gozleme, in the photo, are turnovers stuffed with chard, feta, onions and other spices was the big hit. The key is super thin crust. Excellent spot!

Tonight we are having some friends over for some cocktails and off to Le Servan for dinner. Tomorrow morning we will be back in our beloved NYC. Au Revoir to Paris, we will be back before we know it!