The Waking of the Youth

Today’s high school and college-age students grew up in a highly connected technological world. They might live in Iran or China, where they have not had as much access as kids in the US or France, but they all know just enough about each other’s worlds.

People are living to be older. They keep those jobs that are making decisions for a different generation. There will always be conservatives, racists, and hate, but I believe that technology has shifted our economies in ways that the hold that these people have is waning.

Look at the past election and the destruction of the Republican party. The youth see it for what it is. They grew up with product placements in movies from an early age. Look at what is happening in China. It is scary how that will be put down before it rises or not. Look at what is happening in Iran. Look at Russia.

I read a book years ago called the Making of a Chef by Mark Ruhlman. I had a book on my shelf for the next read after finishing this book; it was called When China Wakes. I decided not to take it on, but the title has stuck with me as we watch China and other areas around the world wake.

There is a shift in the next generation that is beginning to wake. This generation comes in many sizes, shapes, colors, and desires, and they are unhappy with how things are. They have truly woken up everyone to bad behavior, systemic racism, and inequality, and many are not going to sit back.

Perhaps this is the post-Covid reckoning. Whatever it is, it makes me happy to see the youth say enough is enough. I happen to agree.