Where Are The People from Web 1.0?

When we were in Paris, we had drinks with three people who started their careers during the mid-90s in Web 1.0. All of them are super smart and still deep in technology; interestingly, they all live abroad.

I started writing this blog on October 4, 2003, almost 20 years. One of the reasons I began after Web 1.0 imploded and Web 2.0 was starting to make some noise was that I did not want to lose my connection to all the people from the first generation of the Web. I also decided that blogging was a new platform and might lead somewhere for me; of course, it was only mine.

Many people from that first generation of the Web went in various directions after the implosion. Many New Yorkers moved to LA, others to SF. Some just dipped from the world wide web entirely. I watched many get married and have children. Somehow I was always the oldest in the room.

I loved hearing about what these three people are doing now and what they have been doing for the past twenty years. Besides working on a cannabis play, I am also working on a docu-series about women. If all goes well, this might be a worthy doc too. Maybe it has to do with getting older but capturing the stories of the many people who saw something in that first generation of the Web were all early adopters. I know it wasn’t a big group of people because I talked to most of the NY technology sector daily at Silicon Alley Reporter, where I oversaw all revenue.

If you are someone from that world, email me and tell me what you are doing. I’d love to hear from you.