Is Brodumb over?

I was at a holiday party this past week where I basically knew nobody there. That is one of the most amazing things about New York City. There are so many communities connected from all different angles. My friend is an incredible connector.

One woman recognized me from my blog, which is pretty cool, and we chatted a bit. She had been bitten by the tech bug, as many are. But something happened along the way, which seems to be the case in many industries if you look at their trajectories. Some people can become powermongers which are so unfortunate for any industry.

I declared to the woman I was chatting with that “Brodumb” was over. I believe it has peaked because we finally moved that god-awful smoke-and-mirrors behavior out of the White House and into the prosecutor’s hands. Also, watching Twitter slide into an abyss is so unattractive, particularly the bros fawning over Elon. She wasn’t sure; it was that shrug that made me sad because I have been calling out against this behavior for so long, and I am not sure I have made a dent. I so deplore the behavior she has witnessed.

I realize I should probably spell “Bro-dom” with a “dom,” but I felt that “Brodumb” is appropriate. Many believe in everything these “titans” do, but what we see these days is ugly. When things go down, it is never really pretty, but as Warren Buffet notes, when the tide goes out, you discover who’s been swimming naked.

The worst part is so many people believe in these Emperors. Yet the thing is, they do have clothes; they just shouldn’t be Emperors.