Our Relationship with Corporate America Must Change

I do not think I have the time or energy to name every corporation in America that needs to decentralize. Regulation is supposed to come from the Government, but many corporations in America are so substantial that competition is minimal. The frustration for the consumer is god-awful.

There is value in multiple businesses in the same space. Each customer can find what works for them; it causes price competition and forces most companies to behave. When you are the only king, it is hard to care about much except perhaps making your shareholders money.

Ski season is upon us, and Fred sent an article to our ski buddies about how Vail owns 70% of the ski mountains in the US. Not shocking that they own ten world-class mountains in the states. They are terrible operators. They do not care about the clientele, the instructors, or the companies that operate at their resorts. Yet their profits are through the roof.

Everything evolves, but nothing changes. When we look back at the beginnings of America, we were decentralized. There were always multiple stores, cheesemongers, shoemakers, dry cleaners, etc.; in the last few decades, behemoth companies have taken over many of them. It leaves no room for creativity.

We are entering a new era; for those in the tech world, it is called Web 3.0. People have lost faith in corporations, including Government. Our Government supports corporations over people, which is the core of all our problems, from housing to healthcare. The next cycle will decentralize; it has to.