Term Limits

Term limits have been part of the discussion about Government forever. America restricts how many terms you can run for specific jobs in different states. The biggest reason for rethinking term limits is that people live much longer, so they stay in those Government positions for as long as possible. They are powerful jobs that serve the public good, like senators. There is a term length but not a term limit to how often you can run.

Right now, there is a 25-year-old congressman from Florida, the first politician of GenZ. He brings such a fresh set of eyes to this representative body. He represents the future. Many of the older congresspeople represent the past. All you have to see is a congresswoman crying on the floor about how passing gay marriage is terrible and that they can’t move forward with cannabis banking laws.

Has anyone ever thought about creating an advisor group of Senators whose advice and counsel are priceless? They advise the Senators in their state, giving them advice vs. having a vote, instead of them flocking to lobbyists for payment. Having an election around those advisors, have them paid for their services, just like an advisor to a board would be, and they are held accountable by the people.

Not sure that idea would work, but the youth is the future; not only how they grew up with technology and how technology is the future but how they look at the world. We need change, and Senators over 70 don’t see what is necessary to keep America on top.