Green Gold Rush

There are countless reasons why people partake in certain substances. It could be for health or purely a need for an attitude adjustment. Look at the dry January stats. People are moving from alcohol to cannabis.

Life isn’t easy, but now we can all have a daily attitude adjustment at our fingertips. Being able to buy cannabis and cannabis products legally is a gift, particularly for those needing pain management or sleep. Just like finding the right drink, you must find what works for you. Admittedly it is pretty awesome. 

Can we talk CBD? You can buy it at Walmart.  Depending on how it is incorporated into something, it can be game-changing.  Fantastic for sleeping. Great for your skin. And if it is the proper dosage, a tincture is excellent for mental health, such as anxiety, by taking you down a notch. Helluva is much better than a pharmaceutical product if you have the patience to find the right product. Lots are happening in this market.

Let’s get to mushrooms. If you have done mushrooms, you can’t help but wonder how this is entering society at a rapid pace, and at the same time, say fuck yes. Mushrooms are fun. You let loose. You giggle. The world is a bit brighter. Your fear levels go down. How great would the world be for you and everyone around you all took mushrooms? Mushroom, low dosage, of course, every morning. Perhaps better than Lexapro?

Admittedly I am so into this new world. It is a whole new world that has a lot of strange bedfellows. I wouldn’t say I like the absurd politics, the naysayers, and the egregious tax-grabbing Federal Government that will kill the growth of many in this business because you genuinely have to be tax-savvy. Still, this industry is creating jobs and taxes.

It is truly a new frontier.