Obsessed with Culture

Someone said to me the other day, “you just love culture.” I never really thought about it, but he is spot on. My siblings are obsessed with culture too. I am not exactly sure why or where that came from, but it is one of our favorite topics to discuss.

We all do the crossword daily, voraciously read, pay too much attention to the political arena, love the movies, go to museums and galleries and the latest restaurant, and try new areas dedicated to integrating food and commerce. It is something I have always been passionate about. Culture makes me look through the world with a creative lens, and how it forces me to look at the world differently.

I will never understand why the Government doesn’t put more money into the arts as they do in Europe and other countries. As education shifts, particularly in the K-12 sector, I hope that more focus is put on the skills. It expands the mind in ways that impact math and science. So many think with the right or left side of their brain, and the few think we both. It is time to create educational experiences that applaud each individual’s feelings and ensure they get plenty of the arts on their life journey.

As more educational companies are being built and new curriculums are established, make art top of the list. It expands our minds in emotional ways that it needed now more than ever.