Onion Gruyere Tart

This is one of my favorite tarts. You can eat it all year round. We had a group over for dinner. I made a French dinner starting with this tart for a bit of nosh before dinner.

You need a pre-baked pie crust. I made the classic pate brisse. 2 cups of flour, two sticks of cold unsalted butter cut in pieces, tsp. Kosher salt, a tsp. sugar, and for this, I used 1/4 + cold dry white wine. Put the flour, butter, salt, and sugar in a Cuisinart art. Pulse until the butter resembles little nuggets, then pour in the cold wine (you can also use water)and pulse until a dough begin to form. Take it out, wrap it in saran wrap, and let it hang out in the fridge for a few hours. Make the pie crust in a tart pan, poke holes with a fork in the crust to let it breathe, cover it with parchment paper and then pour beans on top to keep the dough from spreading. Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes; take off the parchment paper and beans, and let it continue to bake until the crust is light brown. Let this cool

Take six sweet onions, and cut them into thin slices. Saute in a pan of melted butter and olive oil. Toss a bit of salt on those onions and keep stirring until they are caramelized. Then add an egg, about 1/4 cup of whole milk, and a few large pinches of dried thyme until completely incorporated and cool.

Shred about 1 cup or so of gruyere. Spread it on the bottom of the cooled crust, add the onions on top, and save some gruyere to spread over the top. Bake for 40 minutes at 375. Voila.