Ugly Capitalism

The US Government paid for all our Covid shots once they were approved. Yes, there are plenty of naysayers, and yes, I know many have had post Covid issues, but the hospitals aren’t lined up with people anymore. The crisis has supposedly passed.

We all know the long tail of this. Some health providers will pay for it, while others will not. With the cost of $120/$130 a pop, many will choose to opt out of the vaccine because of the cost.  

Pfizer stock soared during Covid. They will make huge multiples on this new Covid cost to their customers and show returns to the stockholders. Do they need to make those numbers as a provider of medications?  

Ultimately, we all lose because people will end up sick and without insurance. Many might end up in hospitals, yet someone always needs to pay the bill, and that is us.

Once again, greed win’s over those who don’t have and can’t afford it, so they get fucked. Just like the ridiculous price of insulin where the state of California finally said enough and is suing for price reductions accusing them of illegally inflating the price.

What is our responsibility as public or private companies to our fellow people? I recently received a business plan that gives a percentage of funds back to a local organization that impacts the waters around NY city. I love social responsibility. I had the same thing in mind when I conceived the opening of a dispensary.

Think about a better world if every biz had to give back a certain amount of the profits (new tax structure for this) to impact our communities, the ocean, after-school activities, or many needs.  

The Government has kept the pharmaceutical industry super happy for decades. It is time to rethink how public and private companies give back.

Perhaps we should also figure out a better way to fund campaigns and politicians. No wonder history repeats itself.