More on data

There are little nuggets of data cropping up everywhere. I read a small piece that people returning to the workplace is ebbing again. Is it the change in weather, or is it that people went back and decided that they prefer not going into the office? The people are winning, so what happens to corporate America?

Another point of data is many parents have decided there needs to be a better way. Many are leaving the workplace, particularly parents. Will this create new economies we didn’t even think were coming? A new crop of entrepreneurs? Or amplify ones that should have been expanded sooner, like telehealth.

Everything appears to be shifting but to where? Will we continue learning lessons from Black Lives Matter, burnt-out parenting, or mental health?

The pandemic continues to invade our lives. This is what’s rattling around in my brain these days. Maybe it is age because I can look back at history where I was part of historical changes at different ages. History repeats, but it is never precisely the same.

The only constant thing is in any economy or business, follow the money. Truth.