President’s Day

I woke up this morning thinking, what would our forefathers think if they were transported back to today?

How would they feel about the divide in our country? The lies told to hold on to power? The attempt to erase Black history or never speak about it? How has the electoral college played out? Having women (gasp) in elected roles? The layers of bureaucracy that have built up over the years? How corporations pay as little taxes as possible to make the street happy? How religious organizations can put billions aside to pay for a Superbowl ad pushing their narrative and not pay a dime in taxes? How there are areas in this country that do not have clean running water? How transportation companies have been given the nod from Congress and the Senate to not keep their vehicles up to par, creating disasters in rural areas? How one media company lies to the public to retain readership?

There are thousands of questions to be asked. What exactly did Jefferson mean when he wrote “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” after altering John Locke’s “life, liberty and property”? Is it the right of all citizens to pursue all of those things or just a few?

Questions, questions, questions. The biggest question is how many Congresspeople actually think about any of this. I find it hard to believe that Marjorie Taylor Greene gives any of this a thought or holds the office in any esteem after watching her act like a high school brat screaming “liar” from her chair at the President’s speech.

I become more cynical by the day, watching and interacting with Government. I wonder about our actual history vs. the one that we are told. Perhaps it would be more enlightening if we went back in time and saw the reality of how our forefathers thought, behaved, and actually cared that “all men are created equal” vs. “all people are created equal.”