We are so Litigious

Have you ever noticed when you go out to dinner, they always ask if you have any allergies? Or if you get a coffee, the cup mentions how hot the coffee might be, aka don’t burn yourself.

The cannabis industry has been set up, thank you to the Government that without a stellar law team, you could be seriously screwed.

The other night I finally got around to applying for a business credit card. At each junction, where I had to answer questions, I was blown away by the litigious nonsense that the person on the other end of the line had to say between each step. By the end, she was laughing too. How did we become such a litigious society?

We spend 2.2% of our annual GNP on litigation. That does not include other legal needs. I understand the need for the law to settle disputes, but at one point, is it ridiculous?

The first time I had to sue someone was over money owed. My lawyer said, “congratulations, you are an adult now.” Fast forward, I always make sure our lawyers have their eyes look over a document, we have been in a handful of lawsuits, and sometimes we are the ones suing.

Perhaps it is the way of the United States. Still, I always think about how many people do not have the means or money to understand the need for legal representation, so the law hurts many of those who don’t get it.