When Did Intellect Stop Being Applauded?

An education is hands down the best thing you can give your child, period. The ability to make decisions after taking in the landscape is a gift. Our country’s lack of investment in education and educators is a crime, and unfortunately, children do not vote.

When people refer to educated people as the “liberal elite,” it casts disgust at people being educated. The lack of funding has disproportionately hurt, of course, the low-income, underserved communities. In turn, it has created one of the largest chasms in our country.

I have been watching clips of Lauren Boeburt in Congress. She dropped out of high school when she got pregnant, earning a GED a month before her first election primary. Her 16-year-old son got his girlfriend (we do not know her age) pregnant. Boeburt now believes defunding Planned Parenthood is her mission because she will be a Grandmother at 36 years old.

She is not the only inarticulate human in Congress right now. Is this the future we are hoping for in our country? Even in Oklahoma, thanks to the Church spending money on the narrative that they do not want to be like California, they voted down the cannabis legislature. Do they realize California has created almost $4b in revenue for the state, including over 83000 jobs? Does Oklahoma not want that? How come the Church gets to spend money pushing its narrative through ads when they do not pay taxes?

At one point, education and upward mobility were applauded. Our country has made great strides since the 40s in educating our children, where 35% of people have bachelor’s degrees, and 26% of Americans do not have a high school diploma.

Education, like all businesses that began to change and grow after WW2, has become layered in bureaucracy, losing the goal of what they are supposed to be doing, educating the children. How do we fix that? How do we have people like Lauren Boeburt representing a community of people in Congress when she spews nonsense that comes off the top of her head?

We should all be asking ourselves, how did we get here, and how do we fix this?