Why Do People Not Talk about Sex?

Why is sex treated as taboo? Why do young kids giggle and feel uncomfortable during those first sex education classes? What do we do in our society at a young age for that to happen?

Yet men talk about having sex while women are not supposed to. Birth control changed the game for women to have fun one-night stands as men have had for eternity.

What happens when a woman gets pregnant and has an abortion nobody talks about it. When we see what is happening in the “red” states rolling back any right to an abortion or birth control at Planned Parenthood, it makes no sense. Are those men making those decisions about women’s lives having sex? 

I am reading a book that takes place in the 1970s, where a young woman got a back-alley abortion right before Roe v. Wade. She went with an older woman to the doctor’s home, the abortion took place, and they never discussed it again. Why? She never forgot it, and I am sure I am not reaching here, but I am pretty positive nobody takes having an abortion lightly.

Sex might be political, but everyone has it, and it is women who have been dismissed without access to education, abortion, and their desires. Dr. Ruth is 94 years old. She is one of the few who have openly brought sexual conversations into the open. We need more Dr. Ruths, particularly when it comes to education. Kids start asking about how babies are born around age 6, and kids only ask questions when they are prepared to get answers. There is more to sex than just having a child.

Then, of course, yesterday, 21 South Carolina GOP proposed the death penalty for women who have an abortion. Perhaps all the politicians who have decided that women should have no choice over their bodies should never be allowed to have sex again. I can’t imagine that would play out so well.

Seriously, a pox on their heads.