Food Favorites

One of the reasons I invested in NumPang, sadly RIP, is that the data pointed to Americans eating more ethnic food. That is because America is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse, multicultural nations. Perhaps that is why we see events like the one this past week in Tennessee, fear of change, but guess what? Change is already here.

On April 1st, the James Beard Pier 57 opened to the public. A new food hall is sitting above Little Island, near the Highline, and next to the coming to us soon Gansevoort Peninsula, a community beach on the Hudson River. We have now been three times.

There are community spaces, a rooftop, a huge glass-enclosed kitchen for events, and sixteen food stalls. They have done a fantastic job.

I have had oysters, tacos, dumplings, beer, curry, and ice cream. Everything has been really good. I have sat inside, outside, and on the roof.

Between Chelsea Market, the mix of food spots upstairs and down to Pier 57 is a massive plus for the area. Burgers might still be the number one fast food eaten in the states, but if these two food halls indicate what the future looks like, the American saying “as American as apple pie” might decline. Come to think of it, apples are native to Asia, and Europeans have been making apple tarts for much longer than America.