Gwyneth Skis

A huge round of applause for Gwyneth Paltrow, who won her case in Park City against exploiting retired optometrist Terry Sanderson. As a skier, I have witnessed people crashing into each other or crashing on their own. There are a lot of nutty bros out there skiing at ridiculous speeds, but that is a risk everyone takes when they get on the mountain. I could be wrong, but I bet Gwyneth does not ski like a crazy person.

The fascination with the trial is not shocking; Paltrow is a polarizing figure. She stood up to a bogus accusation and went to court when she was sued. She could have chosen to work this out outside a court of law, but she ensured everyone saw what she probably saw daily. I give her a huge nod for that. Even classier, she leaned over to Sanderson and wished him well upon leaving.

We have witnessed celebrity trials before, but the media’s fascination with the outfits Gwyneth wore daily is despicable. That appeared to be the number one thing that the press found worthy of writing about. I could spend time going back and doing research on other celebrity trials, but I won’t waste my time because I am quite sure that the press treated those trials differently.

Paltrow is a successful businessperson and actress, and I can’t help but wonder if she was a man, would anybody be writing about her clothing, her notebook, her glasses, etc.? Once again, women are treated differently than their male counterparts. Regardless of what you think of Goop or her acting, focusing on her outfits is just unacceptable, although admittingly, she did look quite chic.