Public Housing Community Fund

I considered getting off immediately when I joined the Fund for Public Housing. Everything I knew already about how organizations tied to Government operated confirmed it all. Bad leadership, no vision, zero data, treading water but a hand full of people who cared on the board.

Alicia Glen, the former Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development, warned me when I joined the board. Her advice was, “You are not going to fix this.” She is right, nobody can fix this by themselves, but I could try my hand at a new narrative with a new look and feel.

I assembled a team of incredible volunteers that had nothing to do with NYCHA, Amaris Jones, Chanel Cathey, and Courtney Gooch, who helped us rethink the brand (Courtney came up with the logo). We hired Alex Zablocki as the Executive Director, who hired Chidozie Ekwensi as our Senior Content Creator. Gary Vaynerchuk graciously connected us to his top team, who gave us advice and knowledge and chipped in half of Chidozie’s salary. This phenomenal group of people helped us relaunch the Community Fund.

Our goal is to build a stronger, more equitable NYC. Over 16% of NYers live in public housing. That is bigger than the size of Atlanta. Our programs, work, and community building needed to be highlighted and celebrated, and we are doing just that by engaging people and partners to enhance the lives of those who live in NYCHA. We invest in programs focused on community health, financial empowerment, leadership development, and workforce training.

Alicia could be correct, but we hope this change is a step in the right direction. I am insanely proud of this work. Please look at the new website, watch the videos, follow us on Instagram, check out the new look, and most importantly, give back to programs that impact the over 500,000 plus NYers who live in NYCHA.