Thinking is Overrated

This past week I watched the Pamela Anderson documentary. Looking at this story I followed during the late 90s through a different lens is worthy. The doc is excellent. She is incredible. Her life, career, and romantic whims are documented, but most importantly, being a good mother has always been her guiding light. For that alone, she deserves serious applause.

When Anderson is asked about her carefree attitude around love and marriage, she notes, “Thinking is overrated.” That has stuck with me.

I have interviewed countless times when people have asked me, “How did you end up doing this”? The truth is most of the career decisions I have made throughout my life were not that thought out. It has allowed me to take risks, zig when others zagged, move into new frontiers, and continue moving.

I am not sure I would be opening a store in the cannabis space if I had given this much thought. I have wanted to open a concept store since I was 21 and have smoked a lot of weed over the years, so combining them makes sense. During Covid, I had an idea for a store but pooh-poohed it, although I kept many ideas on a Google doc. My son told me I should think of this as a passion project which completely changed my head space.

Friends reached out to me about starting a business in the cannabis space when I didn’t know what was going on yet in NY. I dug in to figure it out once the idea came to me. Within three days, I was talking to an incredible legal group who laid out the foundation, and before I knew it, I was their client going to a 4/20 party with the crew. That was April 2021, and a lot has happened between then and now.

Giving back to the community that the war on drugs has hosed has always been important to me, and that is a big part of our mission at Gotham. Creating something new and unique is part of the fun, including hiring an incredible team of people. We plan on opening on 4/20/2023, a few weeks from now. Follow us on Instagram and sign up on our site for information.

I am a deep thinker, but I am not sure I would have made many decisions in my life and career if I did not adhere to Anderson’s rule that sometimes thinking is overrated. Sometimes you have to just take the plunge.