How Did We Get Here?

Many of us are shaking our heads. How did we get to a place where guns kill innocent victims daily and other countries issue a travel warning about the US because of the gun carnage? How did we get to a place where the CEOs of publically traded companies’ annual packages are in another stratosphere next to their employees? Why aren’t employees getting stock options too? How did we get to where we have dumbed down our intellect instead of championing it? How did we get to a place where people can not afford to live in the communities they were raised?

It is as if we opened Pandora’s box over the last decade, and Covid amplified it. The fear that is being instilled in all of us is media driven. That fear bleeds into everything from hovering over our children to fearing our neighbors or just a random act of kindness. Has greed also accelerated?

I am 100% for diversity in business, education, movies, etc., but we have gone so far to one side that we have forgotten that 60% of the population is white, 13% is Black, and less than 6% is Asian. What is the right balance for everyone to participate fairly? We need inclusion, but we also need to be realistic, and it doesn’t take much when you look at these numbers.

The guns. I can’t. Why does the Government not control guns but control our bodies? Why do we have a Supreme Court that abuses its power, and nobody is doing anything? Most of our elected officials in DC are religious, and many are older and do not represent what the United States actually looks like, so their beliefs don’t represent ours. What defines theirs is staying in power.

Why are parents so fearful that their children have any knowledge, can read books of their choosing, question authority, and be part of society? Is it the phone? Text me, tell me; I know where you are.

These days when I read what is happening in the world, and the more I work with Government, which is living off software built thirty years ago, I want to close my eyes and ignore it all, but I can’t. What can we do to shift change? Vote? Get involved? Cry? Celebrate the small wins?

I’m just thinking out loud here; I’m not sure where I am going with this except for sharing my fury, fear, and frustration.