Politicians Should Be More Like Jim Brown, Bill Russell, and Mia Hamm

Americans remember the present. We are not big on history….yet.

So what do these professional athletes have in common? They all walked away from their professions at the height of their careers. That had to be one of the most difficult but most satisfying decisions in the long run. They will eternally be remembered for their passion and achievements at a level few can participate.

This is a short list of politicians who either held on to the bitter end or are holding on to the bitter end. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was not a good look. Look how abortion ended. Strom Thurmond at 99, and I am pretty convinced his understanding of the American people was an extremely narrow view. Diane Feinstein is still hanging in there, and so damn sad to see her not choosing the high road but showing up in a wheelchair to work. Unclear if she is even fully aware. Joe Biden is 80, which means if he gets re-elected, he will be 86 at the end of his term if he lasts that long. Trump is 76, and from his latest rambling and court appearance, he doesn’t seem all there either.

For anyone born in 1960 or later, the retirement age is 67. This was changed in 1983 when social security was overhauled, and the age was 65. France just changed their retirement age to 64 from 62. It has become a more significant financial drain on our economy as more people live well into their 90s.

When it comes to Government, there is no retirement age because the Constitution was written when the life expectancy was 35. Politicians hold on to these jobs because that is all they have ever known, and it seems like they like power. It is time for some profound changes.

Politics, like the military, follow a hierarchy. It isn’t easy to throw your hat in the ring and run for office without the party’s support. That is why many politicians put in their time and are called up from the party to put their hat in the ring.

This next election will not be pretty, and the two big questions are, who will live that long or be mentally acute? Where are the parties telling the top dogs to call it quits? Or even turning against a dirty dog found guilty or under investigation (aka Trump and Santos). The answer is not Kamala for the Democrats.

I want to say be more like Mike; although Michael Jordan did retire at the high, he returned a few times afterward, and it was not a good look. So, I will start by saying, “Be More Like Bill.”