The Beauty of Instagram

I realize that the Surgeon General noted this past week that social media cited a “profound risk of harm” to adolescent mental health. I get it from anti-social skills to bullying. Who hasn’t found themselves scrolling through posts and realized an hour has passed?

What I do love about Instagram is the ability to discover. I discovered last week that France implemented short-haul travel bans that can be replaced with train trips of less than two and a half hours to promote sustainable travel. Genius. I wish we had the transportation available in France (and Europe) in the US. Train travel is actually a pleasant experience there.

The other discoveries are artists. I have connected with and purchased pieces that I have seen on Instagram. Design inspiration is always a bonus.

The other thing is recipes. Last weekend I made an Instagram dinner. I went into the saved recipes that I had put in a folder and whipped them up. I learned a lot. I also will make some of these again. This one is from Da Toscano in NYC. Bruschetta with ricotta, peas, mushrooms, agrodolce, mint, and pistachio. A total win that needs to be done again.

Torte de chou from Alain Passard. I shot from the hip a little here, but I did learn how to make a celery root mousseline that was so easy and delicious. Roasted cabbage in white wine and herbs and topped with the mousseline.

Last, I have been being pushed “healthy desserts” these days. This was a bit of a debacle because of the size and melting chocolate but a winner on taste. They all have an ice cream sandwich vibe to them. e. Vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with blueberries, frozen, and then dipped in chocolate.

So, as much as I also find a lot of insanity on Instagram, I do love great content.