How Communication Works Today

I am old enough to have witnessed and experienced massive changes in technology.   

The tech moguls of today secured capital to build their ideas. They wanted the world to be more efficient. They were entrepreneurs and engineers: Bezos, Page and, Brin, and, of course, Zuckerberg. I might be going out on a limb here, but I do not think they realized that making things more efficient would change how we shop, how we market to people, how we communicate, how we discover, how we work, and how these platforms would change society. 

The other night I was DMd on Instagram from someone saying he loved the brand (Gotham) and we should collab.  I checked his profile; he had many followers and was a Knicks fan. I texted him back that I would send his info to the team. It ended up he went to camp with someone on our team. Crazy. Within seconds, I am texting him, and so is the team. 

This exchange took place over text and Instagram. Incredibly, anyone can reach out to someone they have never met, get a response, and start to think about ways to work together. That feedback from a business perspective is key.

Twenty years ago, if you had moved to a different city, the chances of staying in touch would have been slim. Perhaps the first year or so, there would be phone calls and then, over time, an annual card, but unless that connection were so intense with a continuation of spending vacations together, it would be lost. That is not the case anymore. Staying in touch is not hard, and people seem to work harder to keep up those connections.

Technology will continue to evolve. Ignoring it is not advised, but figuring out how to use it in the best way possible can be good for business or who knows what else.