That Didn’t Take Long

This past week’s survey shows that daily cannabis use has outpaced daily alcohol consumption. More people still drink, but these numbers reflect the vice changes taking place. Marijuana use grew almost 300% from 2008-2022, while daily alcohol use fell by 7%.

There is so much to say here. First of all, Americans have been smoking weed all along, but now that one can legally buy the plant in 26 states, add another 12 where medical cannabis is sold, and you get 38 states, which equals $24B in sales. We are watching the Federal Government figure this out, which is incredibly painful and ridiculous considering they were the ones that made cannabis illegal, created the 280E law, and did this all based on a false narrative created by the ones in power. Is it any wonder that most Americans do not trust the Government anymore?

Americans do not want to see cannabis become part of the pharma machine, tobacco, or alcohol companies. They believe, as I do that this industry should be given a fair shake and stay out of the hands of the big companies that rule our world. I also want to see people who partake in cannabis making decisions.

How can someone who has never puffed and experienced why people get stoned daily understand cannabis? They can’t, which is why the elder cockers in government are clueless about the legal decisions around the plant. It might spell out a new industry with ample opportunity, aka taxes, jobs, and medical research, but look past the numbers and understand the impact on a society that has been smoking illegally for decades—the havoc it has created in communities for zero reason.

Most importantly, cannabis takes the edge off; it creates a positive attitude adjustment if you know what works for you. Each state’s rollout has been a mess. Is there anyone in the Federal Government who is a closet stoner who can speak to their peers on why they should be paying attention to this data?

Fewer people are drinking, and that is not changing; the numbers will continue to plummet as weed smoking rises. Giving the keys over to the large companies who have brought havoc to our system, from oxi to fructose to nicotine, should not be allowed to take hold of this new industry as they have with others; it is time for some new leadership in new big business.