Supposedly, only 25% of adults say their workplace promotes a supportive environment. Some other supposed stats are that almost 50% of adults say their job is fulfilling, 20% are overwhelmed, and 30% are stressful.

I can understand the 50/20/30 information. Yet, I wonder how each generation feels about their workplace compared to all adults. Millennials and Gen Z have different expectations or perhaps desires from the workplace.

Unions were formed to stop exploitation and protect employees’ rights. They have been ensconced in the car industry since 1935. Last week, the UAW lost unionization in a Mercedes factory in Alabama. Company unionization has gone from 20% in 1983 to 10% in 2023. That speaks volumes.

I can think of multiple reasons why unionization has ebbed, although the power it holds in certain states is mind-blowing based on these statistics.

We have read and witnessed that unions are always knocking on opportunity doors. They are currently infiltrating the cannabis industry when the size of each store is not that big. Someone needs to keep the Union brass making the big bucks. I think employers should be held accountable for how they treat their employees, and if the fear of unionization is the catalyst, so be it.

Treating your employees right will make them happier, and happier companies make for better business. It isn’t that hard.