Consumption Data

As it turns out, the shift to using cannabis because it is legal across 24 states, 38 including medical, has been quick. Senior citizens (who are diving in deep for ailments vs pharmaceutical products) and the medical community are waking up to the positive studies around the plant. Simply put, more people are using cannabis daily, and because of that, alcohol and pharma consumption is decreasing.

The worst part of all of this is for decades; we have all been fed a false narrative about cannabis consumption that has destroyed families by putting people behind bars for cannabis use. Unfortunately, most of the news we read these days is false. I had a friend send me something about how microdosing mushrooms will lead to seizures and heart issues. Certainly, if the product you are using it with, such as chocolate, has been laced with something harmful, but it is not the mushrooms.

If you look at the data, less alcohol is being consumed, and more people are using cannabis for their aches and pains; this is probably not a happy conversation at the alcohol and pharma companies. Considering how much money they collectively spend on lobbyists, it must be one reason the Government is slow to react.

None of this data is surprising to me. I have known since I inhaled the plant that it makes zero sense why cannabis is not Federally legal and used for pain and enjoyment. How can we rely on any elected official to make decisions for us without reading data or partaking? For instance, explain to me how Priests give marriage and raising children advice without any experience or education in the space. Is it generations of being cordial or just wanting to believe in a leader regardless of their intentions or intellect?  I do not get it, but sadly, I do, which makes me angry, pissed, and upset. Education is the fundamental foundation of everything, and it is apparent that we aren’t getting enough of that but relying on slanted money driven information.

At one point, all of this will be moot, but my biggest fear is that the industries with all the cash will figure out how to destroy an up-and-coming industry with new leadership so that they never lose their market share for all of our vices, which we take daily. There still is time for the Federal Government to do the right thing but my hopes are slim.