Let Freedom Ring

Today, we should all be asking ourselves, what does letting freedom ring mean? Let’s think about that.

To me, that means freedom for all, period. That means allowing women to make a choice about her own body. That means no matter the color of your skin, there is freedom for all. That means no matter your sexuality, there is freedom for all. That means no matter what religion you practice, there is freedom for all.

What is happening in our country is the right is not very happy with freedom for all. Why? Is it because our country began as racist, using exclusion and exploitation to start? Is it fear of change? Fear of losing power? Fear of embracing other thought processes or ways of life?

I believe in giving every individual an opportunity to live the life they want to live (unless, of course, they commit crimes), helping those who are in need, and embracing the difference in all of us. Somehow, when I look at politics these days, I feel as if I am in the minority instead of the majority, and if just makes me insanely sad.

Happy Fourth of July, and remember the words of Samuel Francis Smith, who wrote the song “America,” that all men and women are created equal, and we should let freedom ring.