Looking for Answers

I am looking for answers to how we got to where we are as a nation and how we will right the course. It makes zero sense to me that the Supreme Court cleared the way for local governments to punish and ban the homeless when the majority of real estate is owned by corporations and wealthy families who sit on empty properties vs. building affordable housing. Where are these people going? How can they be so callous?

I have looked at a few spaces on 7th Avenue in the city that have been sitting empty for years, an incredible eyesore for the neighborhood, but they refuse to sell or rent at the going price. Why is that ok? Perhaps that should be taken to the Supreme Court.

azWhen I was in 5th grade, we moved to Potomac, MD. At that point, Potomac was a rural suburb. Farms and large swathes of land. By the time I graduated high school, there were McMansions in abundance and new developments throughout Potomac. When I went back for my high school reunion a few years ago, I did not even recognize the place. That rise of wealth in the 1970s created a widening income gap which has gotten larger as each decade has passed. That has also happened over the last fifteen years.

Then I read an article in the New Yorker about a teenage gang that created violent havoc in a community in Arizona, eventually killing a teenager. This particular community saw the rise of affluence in the past decade, similar to what I saw in Potomac. Many affluent people believe they control the power, that through money they can impact the political and the servants of the community. That is what happened in Arizona. I believe the Supreme Court had its hand in that, too, aka PACS.

Eventually, the majority, who are usually happy to hang back and enjoy their lives, and the minority, who tend to scream the loudest, rose up to do something. They made changes in the political leaders including the chief of police who was doing nothing. They made sure that the teens were charged with the crimes that they committed although two of their parents were the wealthiest ones in town. The people spoke, because they couldn’t take it anymore, as the crimes escalated into someone being killed.

I want to believe that most Americans want to be part of their communities, watch their families grow, enjoy the fruits of their labor, stay healthy, educate their children and have a roof over their heads and food on the table. That foisting their view onto the world, such as banning abortion, getting rid of no-fault divorce, Christianity being taught in schools, is not what the majority want.

At what point does America’s current situation implode? Our country has cut back on education, housing, transportation, and all the amenities that make it strong starting with Reagan. I am at a loss, but to all the people who are waving the flag for Trump, my only response to you is be careful what you wish for.