Transparency in Health, Jeanne Pinder, Podcast #123

Jeanne Pinder is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts, which brings transparency to the healthcare marketplace by aggregating costs for users to see clear transparency in pricing. ClearHealthCosts partners with media and other groups to reveal prices for healthcare giving inspiration to healthcare-related journalism. Jeanne and I sat down to discuss the inspiration behind her company, and what she sees for the future of healthcare.

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The Future of Tech, Julie Samuels, Podcast #122

Usually, I post this on Mondays but it has been a crazy wifi week. The conversation I had with Julie is the type of conversation we want to have going forward. State of the union with little bits of Julie’s background thrown in between. Really a great chat.

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Data is Illuminating, Clementine Jacoby, Podcast #121

Clementine Jacoby, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Recidiviz works with states to build data awareness to drive reform of the criminal justice system. Her journey takes her from circus performer to Google, maps product manager, to using data to illuminate problems in incarceration and criminal justice systems.

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Repairing Instead of Disrupting, Mara Zepeda & Jennifer Brandel, Podcast #120

Founders of Zebras Unite, Jennifer Brandel (CEO & Co-founder, Hearken) and Mara Zepeda (CEO & Co-founder, Switchboard) is a founder-created and founder-led movement calling for a more ethical inclusive culture in the startup and investing community. They believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative. I spoke with Jennifer and Mara about what led them to start Zebras Unite, and the work they’re doing today to push their ideas forward.

I am going to post the podcast every other week for the next few months as we start to think about the next generation of this podcast. Any and all ideas are welcome.

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Being Open to Change, Morgan Berman, Podcast #119

Morgan Berman is the Co-founder and CEO of MilkCrate, a Philadelphia-based tech company that runs a digital hub that connects an organization to its audiences. Many iterations of MilkCrate and the reality that her original product worked for a different market gave Morgan the ability to pivot her company and reinvent MilkCrate. 

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Fixing the Insurance Experience, Sally Poblete, Podcast #118

Sally Poblete is Founder and CEO of Wellthie, an insurance benefits marketplace that connects carriers, brokers, and small business owners. Sally and I spoke about her entrepreneurial and intra-preneurial career that let her to starting her latest venture.

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Going Against the Grain, Jana Rich, Podcast #117

Jana Rich is the Founder of Rich Talent Group a boutique executive search firm focused on building diverse, innovative leadership teams. Jana and I talked about her transition from marketing to recruitment, and the readiness work around building inclusive teams.

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Building Retail Brick by Brick, Audrey McLoghlin, Podcast #116

Audrey McLoghlin is the Founder & CEO of high-end retail brands Frank & Eileen, and Grayson. Audrey and I talked about her path to becoming a retail designer, wholesale and a direct to consumer business. Through all of this she has managed to keep 100% ownership of her company. She is in the 100% club.

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Seeing Your Possibilities as Endless, Liz Powers, Podcast #115

Liz Powers is the co-founder and ‘Chief Happiness Spreader’ of ArtLifting a social enterprise that empowers artists living with homelessness, disabilities or veterans through the celebration and sale of their artwork. Liz’s passion to change social work through her journey from the non-profit to the for-profit sector is inspiring. She uses her entrepreneurship drive for social good.

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Succeeding Where Others Have Failed, Daniela Perdomo, Podcast #114

Daniela Perdomo is the Founder & CEO of goTenna, a peer to peer communication device which is advancing universal access to connectivity through decentralization. Their mesh networks are used by consumers as well as the U.N., Google, FEMA, the French Army, US Special Operations Forces & the City of New York. Our conversation is long but her journey is inspiring starting with being a community organizer to an entrepreneur. Her insights into being female and raising capital is one that everyone should hear.

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Desperation Breeds Inspiration, Ariane Goldman, Hatch, Podcast #113

Ariane Goldman is the Founder and CEO of HATCH Collection a maternity clothing brand designed to give women access to cool and easy styles during pregnancy and beyond. I have known Ariane for awhile and it has been incredible to watch her personally evolve and grow her business. We sat down to talk about her journey toward entrepreneurism and the way she built her companies from the ground up without raising capital until now.

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Led By a Love for Building, Sarah Beatty, Podcast #112

Sarah is a true gem. I really feel lucky to have met her years ago. What she is building with her family in Montgomery Alabama is beyond impressive. We had a great conversation.

Sarah Beatty is Founder and CEO of Greenmaker Industries, Owner of Green Depot, and the Co-Founder of Montgomery Builds. Sarah considers herself an accidental entrepreneur but listening to her story you’ll see she’s anything but. Like many of the inspiring business leaders we meet, Sarah is a woman on a mission. And like most entrepreneurs, when she couldn’t find solutions to problems in the market, she solved it herself.

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