Fixing the Housing Crisis – Alexandria Lafci, Podcast# 131

I sat down with Alexandria Lafci, COO and Co-founder of New Story Charity, pre-Corona. Our conversation is even more relevant today. Seeing myself before the lockdown reminds me how much time has passed. Shorter hair and no sweat pants!

After Covid-19 hit our streets, NewsStoryCharity launched

The Neighborhood: their response to support the most vulnerable families in the US who have lost their income due to COVID. The goal is to ensure they don’t lose their homes, too.

It’s essentially a subscription program for monthly donors to help pay rent for the most vulnerable Americans so that they don’t become homeless. They hope to scale it to thousands of monthly supporters and match them with the best local orgs working on this. Attached is an overview.

If you are intrigued after listening you can do the following.

  1. Sign up / donate as a member of The Neighborhood
    • monthly donations – 100% towards preventing at-risk families from becoming homeless due to losing their jobs 
  2. Be a champion of the program by sharing os social and your network.

You can listen to us here. Or here.

Stress Management & Mindfulness: Will Lessons Learned from Covid-19 Change Startup Culture for Good?

This week, I got together with Kathleen Stetson, CEO, and coach, to talk over Zoom about stress. Stress is a big part of every entrepreneur’s life, and even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. Kathleen and I chatted about her history with a failed startup, and how that informed her current views on work, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness.

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All About Food in the Age of Covid

In this current moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over everything in our lives, the one thing at the top of everyone’s mind seems to be food. I sat down to talk about this major topic with my good friend Dana Cowin,

In this current moment, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over everything in our lives, the one thing at the top of everyone’s mind seems to be food. I sat down to talk about this major topic with my good friend Dana Cowin, listen to her on Speaking Broadly, for inspiration on life, career and beyond, on Heritage Radio NetworkiTunesStitcher & She is an editor, author, radio show host and possibly best known for her two decades as the Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine.

Dana and I met over zoom to discuss food in the age of coronavirus, what’s changed, what’s remained, and what we see happening in the future. We could have talked forever.

You can also listen to this on Soundcloud here and iTunes here.

We Did It All and We’re Not Done; a frank conversation about women and aging in the 21st century

Today’s “older” woman is not your mother’s “older” woman. So what’s changed and what is the trail we plan to blaze in what was formerly referred to as our ‘golden years’?

In episode 128, Susan Feldman, co-founder and visionary behind One Kings Lane and the Founder and CEO of In The Groove, sat down with me for my very first video-recorded podcast to talk all about aging, and the effects it does and doesn’t have on us as women and entrepreneurs.

Keep in mind this was done pre-coronavirus insanity. It is such a great conversation that we decided to share anyway and hopefully lift your day.

You can listen to this on iTunes here too. YouTube is above or here.

Building Organically – Rachelle Hruska, Podcast #127

Rachelle Hruska is the co-founder and CEO of Guest of a Guest and Lingua Franca. The first time I met Rachelle she was pregnant with her first child, now the mother of two young boys and a blossoming business is not surprising. She is smart, driven and absolutely wakes up every day with a carpe diem attitude.

FYI – Rachelle just launched a bath and candle too!

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Designing a Better Product, Jacquelyn De Jesu, Podcast #136

Jacquelyn De Jesu is the Founder, CEO, and Inventor of SHHHOWERCAP, a company that has turned the simple shower cap into a design-oriented, reusable, and chic item for everyday use. We talk about how she bootstrapped her company to where it is today.

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A Focus on Mental Health, Anna Lindow, Podcast #125

Anna Lindow is the Co-Founder and CEO of Brave Health a telehealth company on a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable care for mental health and addiction across the United States. Anna and I sat down to talk about what inspired her to focus on mental health and addiction work, and what she sees for the future of her field.

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Work-Life Integration, Camilla Marcus, Podcast #124

Camilla Marcus is the founder of west~bourne cafe in New York City and the co-founder of the TechTable Summit. Camilla and I sat down to talk about her journey into the intersection of food and technology, and the exciting new partnership she’s created to bring childcare to her employees.

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Transparency in Health, Jeanne Pinder, Podcast #123

Jeanne Pinder is the founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts, which brings transparency to the healthcare marketplace by aggregating costs for users to see clear transparency in pricing. ClearHealthCosts partners with media and other groups to reveal prices for healthcare giving inspiration to healthcare-related journalism. Jeanne and I sat down to discuss the inspiration behind her company, and what she sees for the future of healthcare.

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The Future of Tech, Julie Samuels, Podcast #122

Usually, I post this on Mondays but it has been a crazy wifi week. The conversation I had with Julie is the type of conversation we want to have going forward. State of the union with little bits of Julie’s background thrown in between. Really a great chat.

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Data is Illuminating, Clementine Jacoby, Podcast #121

Clementine Jacoby, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Recidiviz works with states to build data awareness to drive reform of the criminal justice system. Her journey takes her from circus performer to Google, maps product manager, to using data to illuminate problems in incarceration and criminal justice systems.

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Repairing Instead of Disrupting, Mara Zepeda & Jennifer Brandel, Podcast #120

Founders of Zebras Unite, Jennifer Brandel (CEO & Co-founder, Hearken) and Mara Zepeda (CEO & Co-founder, Switchboard) is a founder-created and founder-led movement calling for a more ethical inclusive culture in the startup and investing community. They believe creating an alternative to this status quo is a moral imperative. I spoke with Jennifer and Mara about what led them to start Zebras Unite, and the work they’re doing today to push their ideas forward.

I am going to post the podcast every other week for the next few months as we start to think about the next generation of this podcast. Any and all ideas are welcome.

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