Thanksgiving Stuffing

I love Thanksgiving.  It is one of my all time favorite American holidays.  I love the fact that the majority of Americans are sitting down among their friends and family and eating turkey, stuffing and pie.  Also, there are soup kitchens that make sure that every American gets a bite of that annual dinner. 

This year, we are getting together with 3 different families, my sister and another friend.  I’m really looking forward to it.   Everyone has their "must haves" on Thanksgiving.  God forbid you don’t have your annual stuffing or that pumpkin pie.  We have our traditions too but the one that has stuck with as a long as I can remember is the stuffing.  I have to have the stuffing we always make every year.  After all, who eats stuffing during the year?  This is a one time, once a year treat. 

I am going to share this recipe since it is so basic and you could literally add anything you wanted to this recipe.

2 sticks of butter, 8 onions chopped, 2 heads of celery sliced into small pieces, 2 loaves of challah sliced and 2 loaves of Arnold’s white bread, one dozen eggs, 5 cups or possibly more of warmed chicken broth.

Melt the sticks of butter in a huge frying pan  Add the onions and celery until soft not browned.  Toast all the bread.  I do it in the broiler, quickly and then cut into small squares.  Put the toast in a large large bowl, pour the onion/celery mixture over the top and mix.  Now, take eggs that have been beaten loosely and pour in.  Pour in a few at a time until the mixture starts to get soft.  Pour in some chicken broth and get the mixture softer.  You can play around here between the chicken broth and the eggs.  The mixture should be thick and mushy.  Make sure it isn’t too soft.  Taste and add salt and pepper to your liking. 

You really can’t beat this stuffing.  You could add oysters, dried fruit, mushrooms or anything that you want to this recipe.  It’s basic, easy and delicious. 

I stuff the turkey with this recipe and then put the remaining in a souffle dish to cook.  You can’t go wrong with too much stuffing b/c there is nothing like the leftovers with turkey and cranberry the next day.