Necessity is the mother of invention.. and reinvention might be my middle name.

The career path that I have charted was not straight, but winding. I got my start in retail and wholesale. During the 1990s’ dot-com boom, I worked on the media side of the technology industry. I have chaired a few nonprofits and have sat on numerous boards in a variety of fields. I have been a-stay-at-home mom, I have been a working mom. A city dweller, a suburbanite (albeit very briefly!).

In 2007 I made my first angel investment. Since then, my portfolio has grown to include more than 130 companies. I have focused my thesis on female entrepreneurs — a decision that is more practical than philanthropic. Women founders tend to be tenacious and thorough. They ask questions and listen. They are great leaders. I have been and still am a tremendous champion and voice for women.

My female founder thesis led me to create The Women’s Entrepreneurs Festival. Run from 2010-2016, WEF was an incredible combination of inspiration, information and validation. Year after year, the goal was to create an intimate setting and a spirited agenda designed for robust conversation and purposeful connections. It was an incredible six year run and the community it created endures today.

In addition to my robust investment portfolio, I also develop real estate in Brooklyn, NY. 2020 will see the flagship apartment building from our company, Frame Home, come to market. Frame Home develops residential spaces with an unprecedented level of commitment to sustainable living by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies including solar arrays, passive house design, insulated concrete, and cross-laminated timber. We also have integrated this carbon neutral way of living into all of our personal living spaces.

In November 2010, I started every Monday on the blog with a post called ‘Women Entrepreneur of the Week‘. I kept this up until the fall of 2016 when I transitioned the posts to a podcast called ‘Positively Gotham Gal’. To date, I have had conversations with over 350 women about their lives and their careers. I love a good conversation and I love sharing them with the world even more.

These days I again hear the call to reinvention knocking at my door. There is another turn in the road ahead, and while I don’t yet know where it will take me, I always land somewhere exciting and new and the dots eventually connect. What I do know is that I work incredibly hard, and that tenacity will not change even if the medium does.

While I work hard, I also play just as hard- and I hope that never stops. I spend my time indulging in the cities I love (NYC, LA and Paris).  I know how blessed I am to live in them. I’m an insatiable foodie. I love cooking, baking and throwing a good party. I love to travel. I am a voracious reader of books, magazines, blogs, you name it. I enjoy collecting art, particularly emerging artists. Eating at the latest and greatest restaurant is another must-do. New stores and designers are also on my radar. I try to stay on the cutting edge of music, film and theater.  Doing the New York Times crossword puzzle every day is a must.

My husband is my best friend. When I take off all of these “hats”, my most important job is being a mom. It is also my favorite.  We have three kids who are terrific people.

Someone once called me the “woman around town,” which I thought was quite appropriate. All and all, I’m a very lucky Gotham Gal.