Claire McCaskill

I had the pleasure of meeting with Claire McCaskill today.  She is running for the US Senate seat from the state of Missouri.  She is smart, honest and not afraid to voice her opinion.  I like that.  She has wanted to be in politics from the young age of 11 and has literally pursued her career since then.

Chuck Schumer, who has become the visionary behind the DSCC, is the reason we met with Claire.  Chuck, like all other fellow Democrats, wants to take back the Senate.  So, he is strategically looking at races across the country where Democrats have to win and where they have a chance to win.  Unfortunately one of the biggest keys to winning is money.   So, he has championed NYers to raise money and give money to specific candidates across the country.  An interesting statistic that I learned today is that of all Senatorial campaigns across the company, 30% of their money raised comes from NYers.  That is a pretty interesting statistic. 

There are other campaigns that Chuck is supporting too.  For instance, Casey in Pennsylvania.  Although he is pro-gun and pro-life, he is a Democrat.  In Pennsylvania, which happens to be a very pro-gun and pro-life state, Casey can win.  He is actually ahead of Rick Santorum in the polls by 18%.  So, Chuck is trying to become a larger party instead of  having the Democratics be so adamant that each issue must be addressed a certain way.  It is the only way the Democrats can win.  Casey is not my type of candidate but there should be room in the Democratic party for Caseys and alike.

Claire on the other hand, is my kind of candidate.  Pro-choice, pro-stem cell research, pro-Israel, interested in running a more efficient Government that is fair to all the people not just a small percent and above all, she’s really sharp.

We will be having a fundraiser, in NYC, for Claire in the first quarter of next year.  I am thrilled with Schumer’s strategy and am happy that I can be part of it.