The Container Store

Logo_3My first "Container Store" experience was visiting my Mom in Bethesda, MD.  I thought the store was brilliant so I became a loyal on line customer.  The store was started by one guy.  It is privately held.  He has done a great job.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  It is a pleasure to shop there.  Their on line site is easy to navigate.  I’m a fan.  Today, I became an even bigger fan.

I rarely shop inside the type of stores where there is a lot of schlepping to be done.  There is a new Container Store on 58th Street and I was down the block having lunch.  I stopped by en route to the subway because I needed a few items for the kids camp.  I walked in and they asked me if I had ever tried Go-shop. 

They gave me a hand held piece.  I scanned what I wanted and would enter how many.  I finished my shopping in 10 minutes without carrying a thing.  I went downstairs and gave them my handheld device.  A printed receipt and a time when it would be delivered (my choice) was handed back.  Tomorrow between 12-3.  Brilliant!  No schlepping, no talking, no check out.  All computerized.  I will remain a loyal customer.  Companies that use technology intelligently to make a better overall experience for their customers get an A+ in my book.